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Possible Side Effects of Oral Appliance Therapy

There are several temporary side effects that are usually most noticeable during the initial week or so. At Louisville Dental Sleep Medicine we make the first follow-up appointment at 1-2 weeks from initial delivery to address these issues early.

      -Tension or tightness in the jaw muscles
      -Sore teeth
      -Excess saliva or the opposite, dry mouth
      -Temporary change in bite feel when appliance is first removed

The goal of treatment at The Orofacial Pain Center is maximum effect with maximum comfort. We include 90 days of follow-up with our charges so that we can adjust anything about the appliance that is needed to get to that goal.

Ongoing research shows that some change bringing lower teeth forward in relation to the upper teeth may occur over time. Whether this may be a favorable change or not depends on the starting point for each patient. The Orofacial Pain Center’s patients have shown only very minor changes to date, but we remain very alert to tracking the potential.  After your initial 90 day period, you will be on either a 6 or 12 month check schedule to help us with this as well as monitor the continuing effectiveness of the appliance.

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