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Dental Care and TN

  1. Go to a dentist who understands TN
    1. Discuss the possibility that appointments may have to be rescheduled on short notice due to pain flare up
    2. Have the dentist or hygienist use topical anesthetics on gums during cleanings or use injectible anesthetics during cleanings or during dental work
    3. Consider using long acting anesthetics like Marcaine and/or try anesthetics without epinephrine during dental work or cleanings
    4. Consider varying traditional injection points for anesthetics
    5. Consider using IV or general anesthetics for dental work
  1. Touch the trigger area last during appointment
  1. Time the care
    1. Go to the dentist when you are not hurting
    2. Schedule appointments when the medication is the most effective
    3. Be well medicated
  1. Soften the toothbrush
    1. Or possibly use an electric toothbrush
  1. Try a gum numbing cream prior to brushing
    1. Numbs gums for approximately 10 minutes
    2. Anbesol
    3. Oragel
    4. Chloroseptic
  1. Switch to a non-irritating toothpaste
    1. Some toothpastes are “grittier” than others and more irritating
    2. Tarter control toothpastes are more irritating as are whitening toothpastes
    3. Try toothpaste for sensitive teeth
  1. Use fluoride rinses in addition to thorough brushing and flossing
    1. Strengthen tooth enamel
    2. Decrease tooth decay
  1. Use substitute saliva if your mouth is dry
    1. Decreased saliva can cause tooth decay
    2. Drink plenty of water
    3. Biotene products are great
    4. Other substitutes are available

  2. Avoid teeth whitening products or teeth bleaching


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